Crypto Wallets: A Review Of The “Exodus” Cryptocurrency Wallet

Bitcoin wallet newcomer Exodus is the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market. The wallet boasts of a versatile design as well as multi-currency features. Exodus was founded in July, 2016 and since then millions of traders have been jumping unto the bandwagon. Despite being one of the new entrants on the market, the wallet has won the hearts of many traders. One of the things that has made the wallet to stand out from the rest is the design. The wallet is all full of beautiful charts combined different personalized features. The platforms offers traders with over eleven cryptocurrencies from different parts of the world.

What is Exodus?

Exodus can be defined as a highly ambitious desktop, which has been designed to offer you with complete control of different assets. It is considered as the first wallet that offers traders with full compatibility with Shapeshifts. This implies that users can access different cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their couches without going through much hassle over the same. Just like other desktop wallets on the market, the platform stores cryptocurrencies directly into the user’s machines. There is nothing like downloading the entire blockchain since it is a lite wallet. The platform is not only user-friendly but also intuitive in nature. The desktop wallet gives users all the bells and whistles they need to control the entire portfolio. It is designed for individuals who have never used an exchange.

Exodus Crypto Wallet Compatibility

The wallet is compatible with Linux, MAC OS and Windows (64-bit). The different users also have an opportunity to join Exodus Movement on Slack. The high level of compatibility has made it more popular among users across the world.

How much does it cost?

The service providers’ charges users a small fee for every payment processed. The fee is, however, not paid to Exodus but to different block chain network such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin. The fees is not set in a manual process. The service provider makes money by keeping a small portion of the spread on the asset exchanges. The spreads in most cases range between 1-3 per cent.

How to add currency to your wallet?

Adding currency to your wallet is a breeze. It does not matter whether you have used the platform before or not. The simplest way to add currency to this wallet is purchasing them using your national currency. Once you are done then you can transfer them to your Exodus wallet for storage. The service provider recommends traders to purchase cryptocurrencies from reputable places including CoinBase, which is readily available in 32 countries.

How to make or receive payments?

Users can conduct transactions directly through your Exodus wallet. The users are also expected to pay some transaction fee to the network and not Exodus. In order to send the cryptocurrencies, you need to click on the wallet button located on the left sidebar. Enter the address of the intended recipient and the click send. To receive, you will click the wallet button and then choose the asset you would like to receive at the end.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Powerful charting tools
  • Ideal for portfolio builders
  • A wide collection of cryptocurrency assets
  • Tutorials and videos for guiding you to set up
  • Designed for beginners


  • Lacks factor authentication

Try Exodus wallet to know more about its features!

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    Very good wallet

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    Yes it is, I have emailed their customer support asking for better 2 factor authentication

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