The 2 Best Cloud Service & Storage Cryptocurrencies – SIACoin & CloudWithMe Token

First of all, I would like to introduce you what SIACoin & CloudWithMe cryptocurrencies are and talk about their differences and strong points.

They are both cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital money which enables their users to make secure payments and store their money without the need of going to a bank or use their names, instead it can be done through the internet.

SiaCoin is a cloud data storage service that provides it’s users a decentralised cloud storage. Unlike other coins, it is totally decentralised and cheap when compared to others. It is a platform where users put their data into the cloud but still have the control of it. It is a block-chain based platform where the data is stored in the block-chain. It was created 2 years ago on 7th June 2015 and started trading at $0.000046 per Siacoin. it is now trading at $0.008256 per Siacoin with a market cap of  $194,745,000 putting it in the TOP 25 cryptocurrencies list at number 24.

What makes Sia unique is that it didn’t start with an ICO or pre-mining. It ensures highly secure environment for it’s users and gives users the total control their total data. The main aim of SiaCoin is to compete with cloud storage platforms.

On the other hand, The Cloud With Me ICO is all about the future and is not just short return on cash. The aim of CloudWithMe is to create a peer-to-peer platform over cloud-based ecosystem which will enable millions of people to share and receive financial benefits through cloud services. It is 100% secure & private. It also aims to form a decentralised cloud-based platform.

The system works when people share their cloud storage to the network and in turn, when one of the individual’s storage is used, he or she who provided the space will get paid. Since it is a decentralised environment, there is no risk of fraud or anyone’s information being sold and the costs of cloud services are alleviated.

In order to provide incentives for their users, CloudWithMe has created it’s own coin and thus, the Cloud Token was made. It is the Ethereum based cryptocurrency. The Cloud Tokens can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency you wish. Merely Cloud Tokens which are issued during the ICO can be used to pay the cloud services. The reason behind this is to ensure a steady demand and increase the Cloud Token liquidity. Cloud ICO enables CloudWithMe service to gain support of the cryptocurrency and investors as well as creating their own Cloud Tokens.

Moreover, CloudWithMe has already managed to enter into partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft and other cloud-based services. Cloud tokens can be either brought, sold, exchanged&received. One advantage of using Cloud Tokens is that investors can use tokens to buy AWS and Microsoft Cloud with a 50% discount.

Anyone who joins the Grid Note infrasturcture ( the platform for building the decentralised Crowd Cloud) will receive satisfying incomes. Founders - Gilad Somjen & Asaf Zamir Founders – Gilad Somjen & Asaf Zamir

To sum up, CloudWithMe has created a huge platform and is emergent. In the future it will become the most widely used cloud service. Cloud Tokens have many benefits over SiaCoin and provides its users a secure environment. In other words, although SiaCoin is a good cryptocurrency, CloudWithMe has created much more possibilities to its users so it is a better way of investing your money, and winning more. So in our opinion the #1 Cloud currency is the Cloud Token and the runner up is certainly SiaCoin. In our next articles we will also talk about Storj, iExec and a few more cryptocurrencies that are disrupting the cloud service and cloud storage industries.

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