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Initial Coin Offerings: About Kodak’s Cryptocurrency ICO, Review, Pros and Cons

Buyers and industry affiliates pass by the Kodak exhibit at the 2012 International CES tradeshow, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, in Las Vegas. Eastman Kodak filed patent lawsuits against HTC Corp. and Apple this week. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Kodak Initial Coin Offering Review

Kodak has been one of those companies that has struggled quite a bit to transition efficiently into the modern digital world. This has been a difficult few decades for them, but hey are now considering a new approach that might be ideal for their needs and might give them the results they are expecting. The Kodak ICO has been revealed and it seems like a large number of people are setting their sights on this as a probably way for Kodak to see a significant rise in their value. The value of Kodak has just changed in the market and there is no way to deny that this is going to cause a serious change in the perception that people have of this company. Bloomberg reports that the value of the company rose to 77%, but not due to some kind of a revival of the old cameras or because the phones are no longer taking great photos. This is happening because the company announced a cryptocurrency called KodakCoin. It seems like this is one of those moves that will prove to be ideal for the future of the company, but this is definitely not without risks.

They have partnered up with Wenn Digital to launch a blockchain-based platform that will allow photographers and agencies have greater control of the property rights of their images. KodakCoin will be the currency of KodakOne change, and this is definitely a very powerful and valuable change that could end up being a potential growth for the company. The KodakCoin is going to start to operate on the 31 of January of 2018. It’s still too early to say when and how things are going to develop during the rest of the year, but everything seems promising for the coin with the approach that Kodak is giving to this currency. What Kodak is the security of the platform and its operation, even when there are too many details in this respect, But the blockchain, as a general rule, it is a decentralized platform and in this particular case, the company guarantees “high standards” in the operation. Those at the head of Kodak believe that if a cryptocurrency like the DogeCoin became something big, everything is possible. The group has created a platform in partnership with Wenn, with digital rights management and they have named it KodakOne, which was based on the use of the blockchain.

This technology, which is at the origin of the famous bitcoin, uses transaction blocks encrypted and authenticated and is presented in the form of a public register in principle to test any falsification. The use of the blockchain will allow the KodakOne platform will create a register of rights of digital properties and encrypted that will allow photographers to get better results to register their production, for both new and old, which can then be used under license and this is something that the company said in a statement. This system would allow photographers to receive payments immediately by its work in KodakCoin. The authors are looking for ways to license their work through this platform. Kodak believes that you can start a new economy based on photography for which the authors can finally get what they deserve for their work. This is the concept that they are trying to bring to the masses and it seems to be working fine as it has been extremely easy to see how this is becoming a huge factor that is helping business owners achieve much better results.

There is no question that this is an important change that is taking place for this business. At the same time, the platform was designed for both professionals and amateurs. The idea is that they will be able to sell their work in a safe and confidential way that is profitable and practical. Of course, payments shall be made with the Kodak cryptocurrency which as we mentioned earlier is called KodakCoin. This platform will also be responsible for the process monitoring the use of the photos that have been registered. This way, if someone uses a KodakOne photo without proper permissions, people will be able to manage the license and reward the person who created it. If it works well, KodakOne may end up being the ultimate solution to the theft of photos online and this is going to be a revolutionary change that will allow people to get optimal results. The initial coin offering for the KodakCoin will take place on the 31st of January, and investors are expected to come from several countries such as the US and other sin Europe. However, there are doubts about the future value of this currency, and if it will be worth anything in the long run. The most important thing to consider is that many employees that are involved in the world of photography don’t feel like they will find it viable to get involved in this kind of currency. This is an issue because it could end up fluctuating in a way that leaves them with a wallet that is full of digital coins that are not worth what they would expect to get as remuneration for their efforts.

The biggest hurdles that Kodak is going to face is to get enough support from investors in order to give the coin the value boost that it needs to be seen as a profitable idea. People are not going to want to get paid with a coin that has no value, but that will all change if it gains momentum. We can all expect the coming months to be crucial in order to see if Kodak manages to find any success with this kind of system.  We just have to wait and see, but judging by the ICO it could be the best decision for Kodak to make if they want to finally get the results they want. You can get a very powerful result out of this kind of change if you get proper support from investors.

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