Says Paris Hilton Supporting an ICO Proves There Is a Bubble writer Josiah Wilmoth is saying that the fact that Paris Hilton has stated in a tweet that she is supporting an ICO is proof to the theory that ICOs and cryptocurrencies are in a bubble.

Facts VS Opinion

The fact is that no one can say that there is a bubble or not, the hype and buzz and FUD going on with these articles and opinions is totally speculative. The fact is that the crypto markets are small, only $160 billion today, ICOs have helped squeeze just a few billions into the total market cap and a few billion or even 200 billion is nothing compared to  other markets. Calling this a bubble is over-kill in our opinion and %100 speculation.

Paris Hilton tweet

Paris Hilton tweet

Take a look at some of the comments to said article!

TheRealSocrates – This article is not even in the ballpark of reasonable analysis. “Folks, if you’re looking for a sign that the ICO markets are in a bubble, this is it.” WTF are you talking about? Are you really trying to say that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are overvalued because of Paris Hilton? Because that’s about 90% of the entire cryptocurrency market cap. I sure hope not because the fact that you even address Paris Hilton is your article is intellectually embarrassing enough.

19battlehill Robinson – Look at the market cap on crypto and you will see that it is not even close to bubble territory. Need to compare apples to apples – market is world wide, can buy in and don’t need a trading account or tons of money to do — everything is about context.

Aslo take a look at cap today:


So what do you think, is Paris Hilton a sign from the crypto gods that it is time to run? Or is this just another celebrity looking to catch a ride on the crypto train? Or is this a celebrity that understands that crypto is here to stay and is joining the winning team? Whatever your outlook – remember that facts speak better than speculation. The crypto market is very small and growing at an ok pace, if you want to call it a bubble, call it a bubble, but remember to also state FACTS in your opinions and not just hype!

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