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4XFX Review

4XFX is one of the newer brokers on the market, and it seems they take on board some of the best features of cryptocurrency exchanges that came before them. 4XFX is powered by a trading platform designed to make trading of cryptocurrencies accessible for all traders regardless of country or previous experience in trading. We believe that 4XFX is a smart choice if you want your crypto trading experience to be trouble-free.

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The site offers trading on all of the main cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple as well as the option to trade on margin  for more experienced traders. They are constantly introducing new products and services to meet the needs of broader client range.  In addition, 4XFX offers excellent customer service and is fully legally compliant.

Mobile Trading Platform

4XFX provides their clients with a cutting-edge trading platform. Is a completely web-based application and requires no additional downloads. What we have noticed while testing 4XFX platform was extremely fast execution of trading orders which should give traders an edge in cryptocurrency markets which are inherently volatile in their nature. The user interface of the trading platform is user-friendly and easy to understand. In addition, the platform is enhanced with useful trading tools including popular indicators like Bollinger bands and RSI.

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Trading Education is KEY

It is without doubt that any business person would not do well in their respective discipline without enough knowledge. The matter is further compounded when cryptocurrencies are the subject of discussion. Without a clear understanding of the cryptocurrencies dynamics, a trader stands little chance to succeed. Therefore an education on matters financial especially on cryptocurrencies is significant. That art of disseminating information in terms of tutorials (whether through videos or well written article) is referred to as Crypto Education.

While it is true that there are thousands of crypto trading tutorials both online and in conventional libraries, there are basic things that a tutorial should cover for it to be referred to as conclusive. The aspects of a comprehensive crypto tutorial cannot be fully exhausted within the contents of this article. However a few are briefly discussed to give the novice trader a head start whenever they go looking for a Forex course, paid or free. On the 4XFX website you will find a lot of trading education material, more than on most other crypto broker sites that just go straight to the trading and don’t give much educational material.

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4XFX Aspects of a Comprehensive Crypto Education

As mentioned, there are fundamental things that must be included in any Crypto Education Curriculum. All of these can be found on the website! It must, however, not be misconstrued that all cryptocurrency courses must include all the aspects mentioned here and on the 4XFX website since these are only pointing to a comprehensive education and not topical course. Every good crypto course should have a glossary to help the student with the understanding of different crypto terminologies. An example of terms that a glossary help define include, Cryptocurrency , Open Market, Value Date and even Scalping among many more. The importance of understanding these terms can not be over-stressed enough here as it determines the students ultimate success in this course.

Through the use of eBooks, Articles or even printed voluminous financial books, a crypto course should have clear and easy to understand information on crypto trading strategy. Here, the student learns how to combine some market indicators and price fluctuations to ultimately make profits. Strategies such as Scalping, Momentum, Fading and even Daily Pivots are exhaustively covered by a good online crypto course such as the courses on 4XFX. Since crypto brokers do play a vital role in helping the novice trader, there is need to create awareness on what a crypto broker is, their characteristic qualities and even how to choose the most suitable for one’s crypto trading needs. Articles focused on helping a trader avoid broker problems are to be included in a good course as they are on 4XFX education material. It is always good to prevent a situation compared to curing it thus educating the trader on risks helps them handle risks beforehand.

crypto technical analysis

The most difficult section of crypto trading is the technical analysis section. Analyzing tables, charts and graphs is not simple unless one is well endowed with the relevant knowledge. In order to avoid misinterpretation of market trends, an education series should pass the students through this topic. Technical analysis does not need to be difficult as the name suggests provided relevant information is available. Covering topics like the general principles on technical analysis, multiple time frame analysis and foundations of crypto technical analysis sufficiently leave the trader informed and ready to compete in the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency trading education is regarded incomplete if the topics such as Automatic Trading, crypto Software, crypto Indicators and Money Management are not included. Other important aspects of the crypto market include the Trading Plan where one learns how to trade under rules using their own designed plans; Trading Psychology to help with inculcating personal trading discipline and thus prevent making sales and purchases out of feelings as opposed to the factual prevailing market conditions. Finally, a good crypto course such as the one on the 4XFX website should educate the trader on the Fundamental Analysis so that they can predict forces behind market dynamics by finding the primary economic determinant. Information on Pure Expectations Theory, Market Segmentation and the relevant crypto legislation are complementary to successfully trade.

Good crypto education is the key to successful crypto trading. Even though a trader might enlist the services of a crypto trading consultant and mentor which can also be found on, or even use automated crypto expert advisors (commonly known as the crypto robots), there comes a time when the trader’s direct involvement is sought. During such a scenario, knowledge of the market and how the crypto trading systems do work is of great essence since one is prone to be taken advantage of by either their brokers or consults. All the most important trading materials can be found on, which is something we applaud.

4XFX Deposits and Withdrawals

4XFX supports many deposit methods including :

  • Credit and Debit Card,
  • Bank Wire Transfers,
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin.

More payment systems will be added in the near future.

Depositing funds with 4XFX is easy and fast. Simply login to your 4XFX trading account, click on the deposit button on the vertical menu to the right side of the screen and choose your preferred deposit method. Your funds should arrive instantly when depositing with CC and within up to 5 business days through Bank Wire Transfer.

The process of withdrawal is similar to when you deposit funds. Just click on the “Withdrawal” button located just below the “Deposit” one, select your withdrawal method, fill the form with indication of amount you wish to withdraw and submit your request.  PrimeCrypto’s banking department works 24/7 to handle customer’s requests in a timely manner.

4XFX Advantages

  • Licensed and regulated
  • Great interface
  • Excellent range of trading options
  • Best-in-industry customer service
  • Beginner friendly with top notch education center
  • Excellent range of payment options
  • Institutional liquidity feed


  • Only available in 3 languages


We believe that with their top notch educational material, licensing and regulation and their great trading platform that 4XFX is a smart choice to make when choosing a crypto broker. We have also searched far and wide and were not able to find any complaints about 4XFX and thus with the advantages far outweighing any disadvantages we give this broker two thumbs up.

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