France Forms Working Group for Regulation of Cryptocurrency

Bruno Le Maire, the economy minister in France, has declared the formation of a working group to form cryptocurrency regulations. Speaking on Monday, Le Maire remarked that the role of the working group is to recommend guidelines and set up an outline of cryptocurrency regulations. The goal is to avoid the abuse of technology, according to a report from Les Echos, a French daily.

The minister said, ‘we wish for a steady economy. We refute the dangers of speculation and the possible monetary distractions connected to bitcoin.’ 

Le Maire said that the leader of the working group is going to be Jean-Pierre Landau, previously the deputy governor of Bank of France, which is the central bank in the state. The work of Jean-Pierre will be to suggest guidelines on regulations advancement and to manage growth more efficiently and avoid them being utilized to evade tax, launder money or to fund unlawful actions and terrorism,’ he remarked.

The step to implement a working group for cryptocurrency takes place one month after Le Maire suggested a bitcoin regulation dialogue in 2018 at a G-20 summit. He stated that he is going to request Argentina to include bitcoin on the itinerary during a future meeting in April. ‘There appears to be a speculation risk. We should consider this and check how. At the time, he said, ‘Together with each member of G20 we can regulate bitcoin.’ On 16th January, a director of the central bank in Germany shared the same concept and said that regulation of cryptocurrencies should be made at an international level, not only on a national scale.

Initial Coin Offerings: About Kodak’s Cryptocurrency ICO, Review, Pros and Cons

Kodak Initial Coin Offering Review

Kodak has been one of those companies that has struggled quite a bit to transition efficiently into the modern digital world. This has been a difficult few decades for them, but hey are now considering a new approach that might be ideal for their needs and might give them the results they are expecting. The Kodak ICO has been revealed and it seems like a large number of people are setting their sights on this as a probably way for Kodak to see a significant rise in their value. The value of Kodak has just changed in the market and there is no way to deny that this is going to cause a serious change in the perception that people have of this company. Bloomberg reports that the value of the company rose to 77%, but not due to some kind of a revival of the old cameras or because the phones are no longer taking great photos. This is happening because the company announced a cryptocurrency called KodakCoin. It seems like this is one of those moves that will prove to be ideal for the future of the company, but this is definitely not without risks.

They have partnered up with Wenn Digital to launch a blockchain-based platform that will allow photographers and agencies have greater control of the property rights of their images. KodakCoin will be the currency of KodakOne change, and this is definitely a very powerful and valuable change that could end up being a potential growth for the company. The KodakCoin is going to start to operate on the 31 of January of 2018. It’s still too early to say when and how things are going to develop during the rest of the year, but everything seems promising for the coin with the approach that Kodak is giving to this currency. What Kodak is the security of the platform and its operation, even when there are too many details in this respect, But the blockchain, as a general rule, it is a decentralized platform and in this particular case, the company guarantees “high standards” in the operation. Those at the head of Kodak believe that if a cryptocurrency like the DogeCoin became something big, everything is possible. The group has created a platform in partnership with Wenn, with digital rights management and they have named it KodakOne, which was based on the use of the blockchain.

This technology, which is at the origin of the famous bitcoin, uses transaction blocks encrypted and authenticated and is presented in the form of a public register in principle to test any falsification. The use of the blockchain will allow the KodakOne platform will create a register of rights of digital properties and encrypted that will allow photographers to get better results to register their production, for both new and old, which can then be used under license and this is something that the company said in a statement. This system would allow photographers to receive payments immediately by its work in KodakCoin. The authors are looking for ways to license their work through this platform. Kodak believes that you can start a new economy based on photography for which the authors can finally get what they deserve for their work. This is the concept that they are trying to bring to the masses and it seems to be working fine as it has been extremely easy to see how this is becoming a huge factor that is helping business owners achieve much better results.

There is no question that this is an important change that is taking place for this business. At the same time, the platform was designed for both professionals and amateurs. The idea is that they will be able to sell their work in a safe and confidential way that is profitable and practical. Of course, payments shall be made with the Kodak cryptocurrency which as we mentioned earlier is called KodakCoin. This platform will also be responsible for the process monitoring the use of the photos that have been registered. This way, if someone uses a KodakOne photo without proper permissions, people will be able to manage the license and reward the person who created it. If it works well, KodakOne may end up being the ultimate solution to the theft of photos online and this is going to be a revolutionary change that will allow people to get optimal results. The initial coin offering for the KodakCoin will take place on the 31st of January, and investors are expected to come from several countries such as the US and other sin Europe. However, there are doubts about the future value of this currency, and if it will be worth anything in the long run. The most important thing to consider is that many employees that are involved in the world of photography don’t feel like they will find it viable to get involved in this kind of currency. This is an issue because it could end up fluctuating in a way that leaves them with a wallet that is full of digital coins that are not worth what they would expect to get as remuneration for their efforts.

The biggest hurdles that Kodak is going to face is to get enough support from investors in order to give the coin the value boost that it needs to be seen as a profitable idea. People are not going to want to get paid with a coin that has no value, but that will all change if it gains momentum. We can all expect the coming months to be crucial in order to see if Kodak manages to find any success with this kind of system.  We just have to wait and see, but judging by the ICO it could be the best decision for Kodak to make if they want to finally get the results they want. You can get a very powerful result out of this kind of change if you get proper support from investors.

Crypto Wallets: 3 Best Cryptocurrency Drive Storage Pros and Cons

The number of cryptocurrencies that are coming out are truly outstanding and the initial coin offering available today are looking quite promising too. The biggest issue that people have with any kind of valuable digital possession is the safety involved. There are many who say that digital wallets for proper coin storage are very safe and they can’t be hacked, but certain situations have proven otherwise and some hackers are skilled enough to make this happen. This is the main reason why looking for a reliable drive storage option is going to be important. This is going to allow you to keep your files stored outside of the internet and this is the best way to increase your security.

A huge problem that people face in modern times is that they don’t have proper understanding on how cyber security works. There are quite a few people who feel that their cryptocurrency is protected if they leave it store in these online wallets. The truth is that there is a decent amount of protection, but hacking has already been possible even with the best and most secure wallets, so there is the need for other options to increase peace of mind about this.

Crypto Drive storage is the solution

Anyone who wants to keep their coins stored safely for a long time need to consider drive storage. The best way to achieve this is to store them in a drive storage in order to avoid problems with hackers. This works because you store them in any location that is not accessible for the internet. The most reliable method to counter hacking is to keep your information stored out of the web. Hackers can’t touch anything outside of the internet without physically trying to steal it, so this is definitely the best and most reliable method to do this. There are currently a few options that are available for storage but we are going to be talking about the 3 that have been most popular and safe.


The Ledge Nano drive Storage is perfect for multiple coins and it has a simple interface that allows you to plug it to save your coins easily without concerns. The Ledger Nano has a good price tag that goes at around $80, and the value is quite high in terms of durability. In the end, this is going about personal preference, but this one is extremely easy to use and to maintain, so a huge number of people are always using it for their needs. Basically a handful of people have ever complained about any drive storage so far, so things are looking good.


This is definitely the most popular of all of the current drive storage options. The interface is quite easy to use and the process of storing your coins in it is extremely simple to say the least. This is the reason why so many individuals prefer this particular solution over the other available drives right now. You can find Trezor for about $90 or less in many stores and you can find lower prices deals in some stores too.


This is a new drive storage that also offers a perfect solution for those who are looking to get results. The main issue with Keepkey is that there is a small number of people to how new it is, but there are several reviews available in major online stores and they all seem to say that it has been a good purchase. The price is somewhat higher than the others at $120 at most stores, but things are definitely good for this particular drive in the coming months and years. The major advantages and the disadvantages of drive storage.

So far, we have talked about the importance and the value of these drives, but we need to consider the pros and cons that are also common with them.


  • Very safe
  • PIN for extra security
  • Proper offline drive storage
  • Long lasting


  • The drive could be physically stolen
  • The PIN is vulnerable to hacks
  • They are somewhat expensive
  • Very few options available

So now you have heard the essentials on these drives and you know about those that are worth looking into. Now the next step is to consider if you have an amount of digital currency in your possession that makes it viable to purchase a drive storage. For example, if someone has a couple of Bitcoins, they are storing something that is quite valuable at thousands of dollars, so the idea of securing those coins offline is definitely good, but other coins can have a low amount of value and you might not need to be storing them in these drives right  now.

The most affordable drive storage option

A good old USB can also be used for this purpose, but there is a much higher risk that comes with lack of encryption use by these USB drives which meant for regular storage of data. This could easily be infected with a virus and hacked by inexperienced hackers with little knowledge. Not only that, but a standard USB is also likely to stop working for no apparent reason and your data could end up being corrupted if that happened. Think of a USB as an emergency solution if you have an urgent need to protect your coins offline and avoid any kind of hacks, but investing in a good drive is going to be quite essential. That is if you want to get optimal results that will provide a huge amount of peace of mind when you someone is storing a powerful number of coins in one location. You really want to avoid losing everything just because you really wanted to get cheapest solution currently available.

You don’t have to be worried about the sort of storage that you will use as long as you can physically keep it safely stored. If you do use a USB, you need to remember the importance of using USB storage brands that are reliable enough to handle any temperature changes or any possible external damage, but we do recommend for anyone to consider the drive storage as the best investment for this purpose. It’s the most reliable option for anyone who is serious about cryptocurrency safety and storage and will allow you to keep things in order.

Crypto Wallets: 3 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2018

In this article, we will provide the best wallets for cryptocurrency, so that you keep in a safe place and easy to access, in addition I will explain the types of wallets and their respective advantages and disadvantages. There is no question that cryptocurrencies are fast-growing digital currencies that thousands of people are using for trade and investment, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, they are not very different from the paper currency because as their paper counterparts, they also need a place to store and secure – in this case does not refer to a digital wallet or purse.

There are quite a few options when it comes to digital wallets to store cryptocurrency, however, it can be difficult to make the right decision one, and this is harder if you are new to the world of the cryptocurrency. That is why, in this article, you will be guided by the wallets more reliable and we will help you choose the correct wallet to store your cryptocurrency funds.

What are the best wallets for cryptocurrency in 2018?

Wallet software is downloaded and stored on your computer, as well as the private keys of your encryption. Although these are built to be easy to use, is to know something about technology for use, because it is always a good idea to add an additional layer of security to your wallets of software.


This is an Ethereum free wallet and open source unlike the two previous wallets. XETH has a clean interface and functional that implements several useful features including support for BitProfile, transactions stealthy, address book and many more. Due to the lack of support for Bitcoin and other XETH cryptocurrency, is not the best choice for all.

What I like about this one characteristic of stealth payments – you get an extra level of privacy and anonymity that allows you to perform transactions without disclosing your details to all over the world unlike normal transactions. In addition, the support of the portfolio to BitProfile allows you to share your user profile through multiple decentralized applications (DApps) without losing your privacy.


Jaxx is an exccelent choice and an independent multi-currency for desktop and mobile platforms. cryptocurrency supports a number of popular, including Bitcoin, Ethereum Ethereum, Classic, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash Augur, and Rsk. With its minimalist interface, simple features and support for multiple platforms, has become my favorite wallet.

It allows you to back up and restore the wallet using a backup, the importation of funds a portfolio of paper and the configuration of a security PIN are some of its advanced features that can be tested easily. Despite the fact that it works perfectly for the day-to-day transactions, you must perform regular backups of your wallet, because it stores the private key locally, so they may be lost accidentally.

The simple interface and attractive for multiple platforms make it a great choice. Its support for the exchange ShapeShift gives you an advantage over traditional portfolios or officers. Allows you to quickly change your cryptocurrency assets from the portfolio of Jaxx.


This multi-purpose wallet that allows you to manage and change safely the assets of the block chain, With Exodus you can store, transfer and exchange several coins as Augur, Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Golem and litecoin. Exodus, however, is not compatible with Ethereum Classic.

The clean and organized interface makes you feel that you are in control of your cryptocurrency. Thanks to their private keys that are stored only on your computer, it is more secure than the wallets that store this information in the cloud. Such a feature, however, raises the risk of losing your wallet in case your computer is broken; therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have a backup of your wallets of software if you use Exodus.

The powerful and extremely intuitive interface, Exodus offers a very strong funcional system of exchange of digital assets : this is mainly thanks to the shapeshift integration. In terms of security, ensures all your information (including private keys) with a password, and gives a word of backup of 12 words to restore a lost wallet using a backup wizard step by step.

The importance of these crypto wallets

All of these cryptocurrency wallets are worth checking out but some are much better than others without a doubt. The most important thing to remember is that the three wallets that we have mentioned here today have the factor of being extremely reliable so far with heir services. I will say that using wallet hardware for cryptocurrency funds is very useful. Despite the fact that they are more expensive, offer the best security – no matter the amount of cryptocurrency transactions you make, whether it is a cryptocurrency a day or millions of them. If you want to do of the cryptocurrency a serious business in the world of cryptography and don’t want to have problems along the way, just consider the wallets of Ledger Nano S hardware or TREZOR.

If you feel you are not ready to buy a wallet of hardware, which is a likely situation for someone who is just starting in this world of the cryptocurrency, look for wallets of software as Jaxx or Exodus. Note, that the wallets of software are as safe as the computer you are, and that means they are prone to malware and other attacks that can steal your wallet. If you happen to use any wallet software, remember to clean and scan your computer for any programs create for bad purposes. The best choice is to install an efficient online anti-virus with a firewall software. And finally, here’s a tip – don’t forget to store your long-term investment in a portfolio of paper; it will be the best decision of your life.

Final thoughts

Keep these tips in mind and you are going to be able to get the kind of results you want. These wallets will keep your cryptocurrency safe and they will make the process of using them much easier for anyone who is getting started.

Crypto Mining: Cryptocurrency Browser Mining For Website Revenue

There is no way to deny that the mining process has become a huge topic that people are interesting in learning about. The reason is that the process of creating cryptocurrency is becoming very appealing and it’s very attractive. There are too many reasons why this is important and at the same time, there are many things that make the traditional cryptocurrency mining process very difficult to handle.

Now there is a whole new way to mine and it doesn’t involve or require hardware power. The process is now done entirely through the browser when a user visits certain web sites. The thing is that this could be used in a way that forces your computer to mine Bitcoins for someone else while you think you are browsing a site without any kind of interaction put side of what you are seeing. The thing is that this could also be used in a way that is beneficial for those involved. If Networks are create that allow people to collectively mine coins by browsing a site that is made for this purpose, this could allow for more coins to be created and it would boost the economy. This is the reason why this can be such a great thing and that is the main subject of this whole process being turned into a popular way for people to get involved in mining.

The problem lies in what we mentioned earlier, in how people could start to do things in a way that is illegal and a way that is actually harmful. When the mini is done with the consent of the visitor, this could open up a world of problems that could lead to even more regulations and more problems for cryptocurrency in general. The best way to get rid of this problem is to ensure that all kinds of work is done in order to help these cryptocurrency mining systems achieve the results they want and need. This is going to open up many doors and upgrade the way that things could end up working for everyone. Security has always been a huge issue online and mining without consent would be a huge problem for the industry.

The best possible outcome is to create an efficient browser mining process that can be started and ended in the browser through the use of a good network. One that offers a legitimate way to get things done and allows the users to benefit from this without any kind of scams or tricks. This is what everyone seems to be looking for now and it is what we are going to be seeing in the coming months.

Mining is definitely one of these things that is still obscure and hard to understand for people, but having browser mining or cryptocurrency would really help bring this process to the masses. They would be able to forget about hardware and processing power and they would only have to visit a website to get the process started regardless of how little processing power their computer has to offer.

Blockchain Technology – What Exactly is a Blockchain?

Defining what a blockchain is can be as hard as any other subject related to cryptocurrencies, but today, we are going to give you the most basic definition possible in order to reach the highest level of understanding without getting too technical in the process.

Thinking of a ledger is the best way to explain what a blockchain is and what it does. There are transactions that will go on that ledger when any kind of movement is done with cryptocurrency. So, basically, the blockchain is the way to keep records of the transactions that are made with these virtual currencies. There are no bank accounts and no physical versions of it, but everything is recorded in these blockchains to keep track of all cryptocurrency movement.

The Blockchain System

The blockchain is not some large supercomputer that takes care of everything. Instead, it’s a large number of nodes that contribute to the process of maintaining and running the blockchain in order to ensure a secure environment that is not corruptible. Obviously, security breaches could be present in any kind of virtual environment, but the security measures that are applied in blockchains are quite sturdy. It’s hard to anyone to be able to hack their way into a system that uses this kind of practical and superior technology. The fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized is making huge waves and turning skeptics into believers. The number of people who are getting involved grows daily and the number of business ventures accepting payments with these virtual currencies is also growing. Part of the trust comes from the extremely efficient blockchain system.

The Future of Blockchain

There is very little doubt in most people’s minds that we are going to enter a whole new stage in a few years where most business owners are going to have big signs on their doors that read “We take Cryptocurrency” and that future is much closer than most people think or consider.

Blockchain Evolution

The blockchain technology that is implemented for proper tracking of cryptocurrencies is an extremely important aspect of the process. Thanks to blockchains, the management and transactions of these coins is very safe and people have come to trust it without issues. So far, there have been no cases in which this information has been compromised in any way.

Final Thoughts

The entire structure that allows for cryptocurrencies to be what they are is the most logical, robust, secure and independent system that is kept running by the people instead of an organization. Everyone is involved and everyone can see what is going on, which is definitely a huge difference from what happens to common currency that is used in every country in the world.

This is one of the reasons why it feels like such a good move to get involved. Things are looking great and there is no telling how much of an increase in popularity we will see in the coming years, but everything is pointing to a very strong future.

Cryptocurrency Trading in China – Why Is Bitcoin Worth So Much Today?

If you happen to own any Bitcoin right now, you have started 2018 in the best way possible: This cryptocurrency has a value that rises significantly day by day and there seem to be no signs of it slowing down at all. China is one of the places that is seeing a huge increases, but the coin is extremely valuable all over the world without a doubt.

Most people wonder what it is that has allowed this particular cryptocurrency to become so valuable. They wonder what makes it valuable and how it too off like it did. We are going to go over the most basic reason why this happens and what truly makes these currencies gain any value for business transactions.

The Rise of Bitcoin in China

China is the true core of the reason why this is happening and the truth is that this is very easy to explain. Let’s say that a bunch of people decide that they are going to give a an apple a new value. They will turn apples into things you use to acquire products and services but this wouldn’t be a regulated coin, so it’s value is not taxed. One apple could be equal to $1 by the time you begin the apple currency phenomenon. You can still use dollars, but this is an alternative way for you to purchase things without taxation.

Eventually more people start to hear of this place where people go in order to spend a new currency that can’t be touched by governments or banks and this means its entire value is kept without taxation. The need to create more apples for people to use them as currency will increase its value due to how hard it is to keep up with the production. It so happens that the largest number of transactions with bitcoins is made in China, so they have been the one that have given value to the Bitcoin. This value will continue to increase as long as a huge number of people start looking for a way to get some Bitcoins of their own in order to make tax-free purchases.

Is Bitcoin a Bubble – Will Bitcoin Crash?

The problem is that many experts believe that this is going to come to an end sooner than people think, but others are quick to mention that the financial entities are not able to regulate them as they are not owned by any country or region in particular. They are for all intents and purposes just exiting in a virtual world and this means they are not to be governed. If that is the case, the value will continue to rise and people will be able to purchase much more with them. This is the reason why some see it as a risk that is very much worth calculating. One of those risks that are usually going to end up being a great investment that allows them to get more for less. So, only time will tell who was truly right.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The Mysterious Inventor of the Bitcoin

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Every major invention or revolutionary change in the world has a main protagonist. An innovator that comes up with an idea that seems to be larger than life and turns into a phenomenon that goes beyond anything people would expect. It’s very weird for anyone to even consider the idea of not wanting to get credit for their ideas and their innovations, but Satoshi Nakamoto seems to be the exception and many are speculating that he doesn’t’ even exist.

The truth is that there are all kinds of theories behind this individual. He happens to be credited for the creation of the now famous Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. The funny thing is that tracking down who he was and where he came from seems like a continuous mystery. The guy who is supposed to be the creator is Japanese man who resides in California. His name is Satoshi Nakamoto, but he has denied being involved and not only that, but he has even said that he had no idea what Bitcoin was back when he was asked about it in 2014.

This opens a world of questions about this enigmatic individual who everyone wants to get to know. It would almost seem like a perfect way to avoid the scrutiny and that would be perfectly understandable. The creator of something so revolutionary would be asked for interviews, conferences, and TV show appearances all the time. Nakamoto looks like the kind of person who would feel extremely uncomfortable with being in the spotlight.

Nakamoto says he never heard of Bitcoin until three weeks ago when his son called to say that he had been contacted by reporters

There is a lot of scrutiny when you become a public figure and even more when you are creating something that is meant to revolutionize the economy of the entire planet. That is a heavy burden to carry when you have so many powerful corporations and financial entities trying to bring your idea down.

We are seeing a huge change in the way the economy works now and this is definitely a huge factor that is making this shift possible. Let’s face it, love them or hate them, cryptocurrencies are on the verge of changing the world as we know it, but this change generates a great deal of enemies too. Not everyone wants this to happen and time will tell how long it takes for cryptocurrency in general to be protected from this kind of attempts to take it down, but in theory, there is no way that this can be stopped at this point. This is the main reason why finding out who he really is and what he is all about has captured the attention of many. The more this remains mysterious, the more that it builds a certain level of mystique around Nakamoto. Maybe someday he will decide to come clean about his involvement and perhaps we could find out that he wasn’t the mastermind after all. That remains to be seen, but so far, the quest to reveal who the real creator of Bitcoins is still in full force.

Initial Coin Offerings: Reviewing The Gaze Coin – ICO

Gaze Coin Initial Coin Offering

Many of us know and have at one time come across complicated terms such as AR and VR. The truth is, there is always time to start learning about things. AR and VR present a different idea and assist in directing the Blockchain technology successfully. Gaze Coin ranks among the operating platforms that assisted AR & VR attain the drive in every way. Below is all the data you require to enlighten you.

First is the description of Gaze Coin

Gaze coin is a Blockchain token with platforms for AR and VR. But, it also presents a medium of exchange of tokens among owners and consumers. Everything is gauged with Gaze control which is a helpful tool that creators use to motivate the developers of AR and VR by giving access to analyze the contents differently.

Learn About VR & AR Now

Virtual Reality describes a technology that is mostly computer-based. It efficiently utilizes virtual reality ideas which use surrounding that at times blends with the physical surrounding to produce realistic images, videos, and some make-believe atmosphere. On the other hand, Augmented Reality is described as a direct outlook on actual life and the world surrounding that provides factors which are either produced or augmented by computers. They assist in setting up using a varied sound, videos, and graphics.

AR vs. VR

VR is mostly immersive while the user has increased freedom with AR. They present a converse mirror replication of each other. Virtual Reality is recognized as serving a digital recreation of an environment that is connected with real life while the objective of augmented reality is to offer virtual effects as well as factors to the overlay going straight to the real world.

How the Gaze Coin Works

Gaze coin can be specified as a tool that is utilized to set up the world of Virtual Reality. Very soon, the VR content manufacturers also assisted in including another feature to the studio. It helped in making the audience embark on a journey to any particular area they wish.

Management and Handling of Everything

The developers and creators pay the promoters for a ‘gaze’ token representing the Gaze coin. Afterward, the developers make another payment to the promoter also known as the Fan Payment. Now the promoter has every power to give a prize to the fan that planned to take part. The awards can range from products, tickets or a type of service. Gaze coin offers an overall of 10% of the user present in the development pool. By using this, the creators are inspired to produce the premium contracts inattention to the individuals. Also, the mechanism used in the procedure handles the contents depending on their inclusion and exclusion which occurs in the virtual world.

The Issues & Solutions

The main crucial issue that Gaze coin is experiencing is as a result of lack of content that is ad-based within AR and VR. It produces two models: payment is either done beforehand or via a subscription. These models bring more problems like:

• Credit Cards become a form of limitation when obtaining premium subscription contents.

• There is no incentive apart from the general inquisitiveness in the minds of users.

• The originality of the content that is driven by users.

How the issues are dealt with

1. Gaze Control: It assists in concentrating on the relevant content and vision mostly by using audios.

2. Gaze Measurement: The models facilitate the summing up of the overall number of users who delve into the contents and ensure they carry out a micropayment that certifies two things:

• The owners get proper payment.

• The advertisers incur charges in the course of the procedure.

• Giving prizes to users who involved them in using the relevant content.

3. Gaze Coin Blockchain: It guarantees that the Gaze coin grows from its share of Blockchain and gives the VR & AR developers the platform for starting their coins.

Token Sale for the Gaze Coin

The Gaze coin initial coin offering shall commence on 28th November 2017. It will go on for a maximum of 7 days. The platform of blockchain is going to utilize Ethereum.
The optimal amount that will be capped is $35 million, and 70% of the overall token will be given out in the sale. But, there is going to be a limitation of $2 million for the minimum capping.

Conclusion on Gaze Coin

Gaze coin is a different concept in the digital market world. It offers an entirely new investment method for anyone who wishes to make investments on AR and VR. Lastly, it is beneficial to the investors and people who wish to trade on the platform. Gaze coin entirely meets the needs of the content makers and owners.