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United States Securities And Exchange Commission Exposes Two Initial Coin Offerings Purportedly Backed by Real Estate and Diamonds

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2017-185 Washington D.C., Sept. 29, 2017 – The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a businessman and two companies with defrauding investors in a pair of so-called initial coin offerings (ICOs) purportedly backed by investments in real estate and diamonds. The SEC alleges that Maksim Zaslavskiy and his companies have been selling […]


Swiss, Australian and South Korean Regulators Weigh In On ICOs
Coinhive Review: How To Monetize Your Website With Monero Mining – Embeddable JavaScript Crypto Miner

To make REAL money using Coinhive (Monero mining) you would need around 10k visitors per month with a HIGH average visit of around 2-3 minutes or more. Any less and it wont be worth your time.   (Source Maxence Cornet): I discovered Coinhive 3 days ago on HN, and decided to give it a try on one […]

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The “Fake Chinese Matrix”? Everything You Need to Know About China’s NEO Cryptocurrency

#10 on (right under Monero by total market cap) at the moment NEO is trading at $26.31 with 50,000,000 NEO in circulating supply, total market cap of $1,315,500,000 ($1.315 Billion) and $85,256,900 in 24 hour trading volume, that is a whole lot of coins! In the past 24 hours NEO has risen 8.25%. We have a good feeling that […]

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Spectiv (SIG) Initial Coin Offering – Decentralized Virtual Reality Streaming Platform

Spectiv presents a platform for dedicated virtual reality streaming which makes use of attention markets based on blockchain to back extensive implementation of virtual reality. Some main features of this platform are inclusive of live VR streaming, for instance of sports functions, where viewers can take part at home. This platform is community-driven as well, […]


What is the OmiseGO Token And Can It Actually Represent The Future?

OmiseGO is a new company that was created in Thailand and which offers a payment system similar to Stripe for various countries found in South East Asia as well as Japan. But what makes it great is the fact that this is an Ethereum based financial technology.     What you want to know about […]


Wirex Is Launching Contactless Debit Cards For Cryptocurrency Wallets In Q4

Wirex, the bitcoin wallet, banking, and debit card provider today announced that it is launching a new type of card in Q4 of this year. The new card will be a contactless plastic Visa for use with their cryptocurrency banking platform. Wirex’s digital wallet apps and prepaid plastic Visa cards are used by customers around the […]


Initial Coin Offerings: ICO Launched by Democratic Cryptocurrency Exchange Mandarin.Top

The Mandarin Exchange presents another cryptocurrency exchange whose objective is to reduce centralization risks and at the same time recognize the advantages of traditional exchanges via the notion of shared management. The Market is let down by Centralized Exchanges Centralized exchanges might be regulated or not; regardless, they generally have bad reputations in regard to […]

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card